“Expand your consciousness

and yourself through tantric activation”

El Templo del despertar


Know all the ways in which we can accompany you to achieve with your awaken and connect your spirituality through sexuality

“Sacred sexuality coaching”




El Templo


El Templo del despertar

A través del tantra

Somos una escuela de educación sexual basada en el tantra y sexualidad sagrada a través de cursos, talleres y terapias personales te guiamos en cada uno hacia el camino tántricos.

Nuestro objetivo es conectar el gozo trascendiendo el miedo para llegar al equilibrio de tu vida uniendo la Espiritualidad y Sexualidad a través del despertar de la consciencia. Aprende a amar más allá del miedo, el apego y las dependencias, a través de la sanación del corazón, desde la compasión, el amor y la libertad.
“Awaken your inner power”
“Awaken your inner power”
“Awaken your inner power”


What do we do?

We are a sexual education school based on Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, through workshops, courses, personal therapies and events to guide each one in the tantric path.

Our goal is to connect to joy, transcending fear to get to the balance of your life, bonding spirituality and sexuality through the awakening of consciousness

Learn to love beyond fear, attachment and dependencies, through the healing of the heart that comes with compassion, love and freedom.


Educadora sexual

Belinda Loyola

One of my passions is to guide you on the path to your heart, my desire is to support you in your learning and personal transformation to rediscover your true self. I feel committed to bringing more love and awareness to the world. 


Artículos para nunca dejar de aprender

Release, transform and expand

Tantra says that every individual can reintegrate with it´s creating source, putting into practice a series of principles that activate the energy, allowing to connect with everything, the universe and life..

“We work with Red and White Tantra”

White Tantra

White Tantra is a current focused on deep and powerful meditation to consciously contact our inner potential and cleanse the blocks, conditioning and self imposed limitations that prevent free and creative expression.

Red Tantra

The Red Tantra is a current that seeks enlightenment and expansion of consciousness through a loving and sacred sexual interaction with a partner or individually, connecting spirit and matter, considering the body a temple of devotion, as a way to the enlightenment.

This we don't do

Fake Tantra

Erotic massage, massage with a happy ending, a masseuse without clothes, having a sexual interaction with her/he, and an objectification of the other. Do not confuse the superficial with the spiritual path and the sacred sexuality.

"Understanding and living a healthy and integral sexuality is a basic need and a right of the human being"
Belinda Loyola

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"It is ancient and ancestral knowledge, a way to connect with yourself and then with others"

What is tantra?

"In this video I talk to you and share a little about tantra sessions and the benefits”

Temple of Awakening

"Extraordinary sessions, which exceeded my expectations. Complete and spiritual sessions”

Rodolfo: 44 years CD of Mexico

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